Just A Little About Me

Along with my passion for creating handcrafted jewelry I am a Mom to 3 grown boys, Nature Lover, Road and Mountain Bicyclist, Knitter and Photographer. Add to that a little sewing, gardening, reading, origami and piano playing. Most are self-taught. It wasn't that long ago that I realized just how much I love working on crafts and maybe that's why when I was young, my Mom Emily and her friend encouraged me to join 4-H at the earliest age allowed.  

About 10 years ago I dabbled in jewelry making however my full time job as a real estate photographer took most of my time so that was put on hold. Then several years ago I was trying to buy a pair of earrings. After several attempts I realized I just couldn't find a design or quality I wanted at the price they wanted so again I took it upon myself to create my own. Fast forward past countless late night hours of trial and error, many online tutorials and here we are. It was after I started selling at art and trunk shows that made me realize my new passion of designing and creating pieces one at a time wasn't going away. 


2020 as it is has given me time to re-assess and re-align my work. As of September I completely rebranded and renamed my jewelry company (formerly Bluegill Bay Jewelry) to Emmie and Lil in honor of my Mom Emily and her sister Lil. They taught me many valuable lessons, always paid attention to detail, and were ahead of their time in so many ways. Whenever I'm working on a particularly tough project I think of how they would have kept at it until it was "done right". I look forward to the day that social distancing is only a memory and I can start manning a booth at art shows or pop up markets again. Because for me it really is a joy to interact with people along this journey. 

Remember I'm easy to get ahold of via text, phone or email, so if you ever have questions just give me a call.  715-574-6333 Thank you so much.  Lori

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