• Lori Woldt

My intentions were to write sooner!

I'm not surprised that it's already 2021, and this is only my second story. I wanted to start with an old picture of Emily and Lil. As things go, when you want to find something, that's when you can't. That's not exactly the reason this story comes so late though! In late 2020, with the help of a cousin, I was able to get this image. A very vintage picture indeed. Emily is in the middle, Lil on the right and included is an older brother Don and a younger sister Ruthie. Note the vehicle in the background! The good old days. Then again while my Mom-Emily-would say those years were tough for many reasons, she would still look back at them with great fondness. She had so many stories, especially about living next to a river. I will share more at some point

Today I've accomplished what I set out to do by getting a picture of Em & Lil out to start. I will follow up with another at some point that is more recent. I do want to warn you while I consider myself creative, a writer I am not. So this part is not easy, but I do want to share more about this journey with you.

Emmie & Lil Handcrafted Fine Jewelry is founded on values that my mom and sister grew up with, and passed on to me. Hard work and perseverance. I have found that accomplishments are that much sweeter when taking this route. My definition of accomplishments now are creating a jewelry piece that will be immensely enjoyed by others, and by providing a special experience for those receiving a custom piece of jewelry that even comes in handcrafted packaging. Packaging that you can reuse.

Please check out what is new on my website. I’m always adding new items. If you have questions or ideas about the designs reach out! Text, call, or e-mail me. I love working with a client to create something they’ve envisioned in real life. Until next time, my best to you.Lori

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